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How to Enroll for a session of Rich Center Lessons

Either login to your mindbody account or create a new account if you are new.


To pay for your lesson:

  1. Open the mind body software link
  2. Login
  3. Click the Tab “Session based classes”
  4. Choose “Rich Center” from the service categories dropdown
  5. Choose the “Sign Up Now!” button for the session you’d wish to pay for in full or place deposit on.
  6. Make sure to read through everything before enrolling
  7. Add any notes you need to add.
  8. Click “enroll” button
  9. Choose “Rich Center 6-lesson package” dropdown. When you select this option, another dropdown will appear and you can either choose to pay in full or pay the deposit.
  10. Click Make Purchase
  11. Click “Check out”
  12. Enter your billing information/credit card information and click “Place Order”
All sessions are first-come, first-served.
The entire school year is listed on the website. If you plan on taking lessons all year, it is highly suggested that you at least make a deposit on the sessions you’d like to take to reserve your spot.
Video Step-by-step:


Check our our Knowledge Base for helpful articles and how-to directions and videos

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